travel checklist

Traveling with your dog? Make sure to pack ahead for them so you can make the experience as seamless and positive as possible.

  1. Health certificate for the airline
  2. Copy of your dog’s medical records
  3. Contact information for your regular veterinarian and an emergency contact at your destination
  4. Flea control product (e.g., collar or monthly preventative)
  5. Any medication your dog takes
  6. Spare collar or harness with ID tag
  7. Spare leash
  8. Pet wipes
  9. Paper towels, stain remover, and spare plastic bags
  10. Dog food and treats for the trip (we recommend having the food portioned out by day into individual zip lock bags)
  11. Plenty of bottled water (a sudden change can upset your dog’s stomach)
  12. Food and water bowls
  13. Poop bags
  14. Your dog’s favorite toy and blanket
  15. A list of dog friendly restaurants and attractions at your destination