Tips To Get A Lower Rate on Your Pet Health Insurance

Enroll early

Age is one of the largest drivers of health insurance costs. The older your pet, the higher risk they are, so the monthly premium is higher. Enrolling when your pet is still young will guarantee a lower monthly premium. Many pet parents think they can forgo health insurance for their puppies as they are at lower risk for illnesses, but in reality, it will drive up your premium later. 

Opt for an annual payment

Choosing between an annual versus monthly payment plan? Choosing an annual payment will lower how much you pay. Most pet parents opt to pay monthly, but they rarely switch plans, so why not pay annually and save money?

Deductible and reimbursement rate

Select a higher deductible or lower reimbursement rate. This depends on your tolerance for out of pocket expenses before your insurance plan begins to reimburse costs. Emergencies can get expensive, so you want to think about the deductible and reimbursement rate together so you choose a package that you can afford in the case of an emergency.