Pet cameras and monitoring systems

Leaving your dog home alone doesn’t have to be scary! Have you considered getting a pet cam? It’s a great way to not only monitor your pet, but also keep them calm by choosing an interactive option that lets them know you are still with them. 

What features are available?
  1. Two-way audio or video communication: With this two-way communication technology, you’re able to not only see and hear your pet, but they can hear and in some cases see you too! This can be a great way to check-in and also tell your dog to stop doing something while you’re out. 
  2. Video recording: Some cameras are able to record footage. This is a great way to figure out what happened while you were out. Not sure if your dog ate the sock on the floor? Roll the tape. 
  3. Wide angle viewing: The angle of the camera is very important. Typically, you’ll only have 1-2 cameras in your home. These are usually placed in the most likely places your pet is likely to be while you’re out, like the living room. If your dog has free roam of the space, a wide angle lens is your best bet to make sure you can see what they are up to at all times.
  4. Receive activity alerts: You can’t be watching your dog every minute while you are out, so rely on activity alerts. Activity alerts are push notifications sent to your phone whenever the camera detects barking or a lot of movement (yes, sometimes it’s just your dog mid-zoomies).
  5. Give your dog treats: With the push of a button, send treats flying from the camera toward your dog. Your dog will love the treats and will give them something to entertain themselves while you’re out. 
  6. Aromatherapy diffusing scent: If your pet gets anxious when you’re not around, try calming them with aromatherapy by diffusing a soothing scent.
  7. Night vision: Some cameras are equipped with night vision to make sure you’re able to see your pet during those darker hours. 

Top Options

Furbo Dog Camera

At $165, the Furbo Dog Camera is a very popular option today. While it does require a monthly subscription, it has unique features such as treat tossing and two way audio that make it a worthwhile investment to watch your dog when they are home alone.

Key features:

  • Night vision
  • Treat tossing
  • Two way audio
  • Records footage
  • Requires monthly subscription

NETVUE Dog Camera

We love the NETVUE Dog Camera for it's affordability. For less than $35, you'll have a camera with two way audio and real time human detection alert for additional indoor home security.

Key features:

  • Real time human detection alert
  • Cloud storage available
  • Night vision
  • Two way audio

Conico Security Pet Camera

The Conico Pet Cam's pan, tilt, zoom features is great for pet parents with pets that like to hide in small places! Plus it offers two way audio for only $45.

  • Offers pan/tilt/zoom features to help you find your dog
  • Sound detection and motion tracking
  • Two way audio
  • Cloud storage
  • Night vision