Teething is a painful time for your puppy. As we saw in week 3, you’ll only be with your puppy for their second teething phase which starts around week 12 and fully ends around month 6. The teething process is very painful for puppies and it’s normal for their gums to be sore, and even for you to find a little blood on their toys. Some puppies might even experience loose stools and decreased appetite. It is your job as a responsible pet parent to provide your puppy with appropriate chews to make teething more comfortable by soothing their gums. This will also help to curb unwanted chewing behaviors they can develop on their own as they find something to chew on to curb the pain. 

The best toys to soothe teething soreness vary based on your dog’s size and level of activity. So as your puppy grows through their teething phase, they are likely to outgrow some of the earlier toys, especially if you have a large or giant breed.  We rounded up great options to keep in mind for teething below. Regardless of which toys or methods you choose, remember that you should always supervise your puppy when it is chewing on a toy and that you should not let them continue chewing on a toy that they are able to remove pieces of stuffing from. 

There are three main things you can do:
  1. Cold temperatures are your best friend: The main thing you can do is find cold chews for your dog to play with. The cold will serve as a mild numbing agent for your dog, and help reduce any gum inflammation (same as with humans!). Below we go through some amazing, safe and affordable choices for this.
  2. Play tug -o-war: This is a fantastic game for a teething puppy. The reason? The pulling action they will feel simulates how they chew so it alleviates the pain.
  3. Massage their gums: If you are lucky enough to have a puppy that allows you to handle their face and lip well, you can directly massage the gums. It might feel odd at first, but gentle circular motions can often release their discomfort.

for Starting out: Nylabone Variety Bundle Kit for Teething

This starter kit has everything you need and gives you different options to see which type of toy is best for your puppy. It includes early stage toys for puppies and more durable toys for active chewing once their adult teeth have grown in. The bundle kit includes a chicken-flavored chew toy and teething bone, a bacon flavored puppy treat, a teething dinosaur, and more!

for Aggressive Chewers: NWK Pet Teether Cooling Chew Toy

This freezable ring helps to soothe your dog’s gum soreness, while promoting dental care. This ring is safe to chew and is made with non-toxic materials. You can even fill it with your dog’s favorite treats! Reviewers said this durable ring stood up well against aggressive chewers so if your puppy’s razor sharp teeth have gotten good at breaking toys, give this one a try.

for small or medium sized dogs: Multipet Chilly Bones for Teething

This bone is affordable and an easy to use toy for small and medium sized dogs. Simply soak the toy with water, place the toy inside the plastic bag that is included and place it in your freezer. Once the toy is frozen it is ready for play!

Frozen carrots

This is an easy and effective one! Take a medium sized carrot, freeze it and give it to your pup! Plus, carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, potassium, and fiber, among other vitamins.


Ice has become a popular snack for dogs, but you should try to avoid it as much as possible. Even though your puppy needs water to survive, ice is a known cause of tooth breakage in dogs so it’s best to avoid it completely so you don’t establish an ice crunching habit from an early age. This way you add ice cubes to their water bowl during the summer to keep it cool without your dog fishing for it to chew.