Dog parents should brush their dog’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste specifically designed for dogs. Dog toothpaste has additional scrubbing ingredients not found in human toothpaste, and these ingredients help to remove plaque in dogs. We recommend using enzymatic toothpaste. According to the American Kennel Club, enzymatic toothpaste contains special enzymes proven to reduce tartar build up and improve bad breath in dogs. The biggest thing to know is not to use human toothpaste. Human toothpaste contains xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is toxic to dogs and can cause liver damage so dogs cannot swallow it.

Not sure which toothpaste to use? Try using one of these options!

Best for picky dogs

Virbac toothpaste comes in five different flavors so your picky dog is bound to find a flavor they love! It comes in poultry, malt, beef, seafood, and vanilla-mint. You’ll like its C.E.T. dual enzyme system, specifically formulated for dogs. It’s been clinically proven to reduce plaque and loosen tartar to ensure your pet maintains a clean mouth. Lastly, it contains no foaming agents so it is safe for your dog to swallow. This toothpaste has great reviews from pet parents as well, receiving over 4.5 starts on Amazon with claims that it makes dog's teeth noticeably whiter.

Best for value & Starting out

Petrodex is a great option if you are looking to maximize value. Petrodex Enzymatic toothpaste is non-foaming and made with patented enzymes. It’s proven to reduce plaque and tartar, while reducing bad breath. It only comes in poultry flavor, but pet parents in verified reviews state their dogs love the taste. 

Best organic option

This Dental Solutions kit is free from chemicals, dyes, preservatives and artificial additives. It safely fights plaque and removes tartar, while keeping your dog’s breath fresh. Plus, it comes with an easy to hold toothbrush to help make brushing your dog’s teeth a breeze. It’s Amazon’s top choice for organic toothpaste and has rave customer reviews saying it is effective and smells great.

For toothbrushes, try one of these options:

Finger brush

If your pup is a bit skittish around a full-sized toothbrush, consider starting out with a finger brush. Place the cap over your index finger, add some toothpaste and brush their teeth! A finger brush makes it easier to effectively brush as you are both learning the movements, and gives you control over pressure you’re applying on your puppy’s gums. 

Best starter brush

Virbac’s C.E.T. Dual Ended Toothbrush is an effective option at a friendly budget. It has soft bristles that prevent gum irritation, but is still effective at removing plaque for your dog’s teeth. 

Best combination option

Nylabone’s dental kit includes a toothbrush with soft bristles and an angled neck for better reach when brushing your puppy’s teeth, and also includes a finger brush so you can try them both out.