We've rounded up few common products, treats and foods that can break, wear or cause cavities in your dog’s teeth. As a general rule of thumb, if it can't be bent or indented with your thumbnail, you should avoid it as it can break your dog's teeth.

Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are very popular, but they are very abrasive on your dog's teeth and can wear down the coating. Instead opt for a ball made of rubber, like a Chuckit!, because it can slightly indent when your dog chews on it.

Ice Cubes

While they seem like a great treat for a hot day, they can cause tooth breakages and wear off enamel.

Rocks, antlers, marrow bones, and hard nylon toys

All these options are incredibly hard and will wear off enamel very easily. It's best to never introduce your puppy to any of these and instead find better options for them to chew on.

Bananas and SWEET POTATO

Bananas and sweet potato made this list because of their high sugar content. These can be a nutritional snack for your dog in moderation, but can cause cavities.