Thank you for purchasing the Skillz Webflow Template! The template is ready to use out-of-the-box with just a few basic steps. However, if you require additional modifications, most of what you'll need can be found at Webflow University. Additionally, there are a template-specific instructions below.

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Custom Code

The following custom code has been added to the project settings to ensure fonts render smoothly across all browsers. You do not need to modify this code for Skillz to function properly.

Star Ratings

The Skillz template features a review slider that includes a star rating. Please note that the template does NOT include a star-rating system and is intended for aesthetic purposes only.


Hosting Course Content

When you create a new course, you will be required to include a link to the course content. This can be hosted on Dropbox, Google Drive, in your Webflow assets, or another online resource of your choice.

How Users Gain Access to Paid Content

When a user purchases a course or paid content, they are automatically sent a link to download the hosted course content.