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For pet parents, by pet parents and expert

  • Get personalized guidance and tools

    Receive weekly breed and age specific guides to help you navigate each week of your puppy's development. Our program will teach you everything you need to know so you can have peace of mind. Excessive biting? Nutritional questions? Early socialization? We've got you covered. While each program is customized, you can see a typical program overview .

  • Unlimited training consults

    Book unlimited 15 minute video consults with a licensed trainer so you can get personalized help right when you need it.

  • Find the right provider in your community

    Using our proprietary database, we'll help you find the perfect provider in your community. You'll be able to easily search and compare providers using pet specific attributes rather than having to go through ten different sites and separately calling each provider for more information. It will save you time (and a headache)! Our database currently covers training, daycare, grooming, walking, and boarding/sitting.

Sample Program

This is a sample 15 week program of the material and pacing you can expect when you sign up. Material will be tailored to your breed and city to make sure you get the most out of it.

WEEKS 1 -2:
During these two weeks, we'll get you set up to welcome home your new puppy. We'll cover puppy essentials, puppy proofing your home, choosing the right vet (not all vets are made the same!), surviving your puppy's first night, and much more.
WEEKS 3-5:
During weeks 3-5 we'll cover everything you need to know during your puppy's "fear imprint" stage, which is vital to ensure their healthy development. We'll coach you on crate and potty training, developing the right sleeping habits, socializing a puppy that's not fully vaccinated, teething, and more.
WEEKS 6 - 8:
You've had your puppy for a few weeks now and you're starting to get more comfortable with your new day to day together. Now it's time to dive deeper on key topics to ensure your puppy's long term well being. We'll cover nutrition (there's SO many different diet choices out there), insurance options, and the right way to leave your puppy home alone.
WEEKS 9 - 12:
During these weeks, we'll tackle how to recognize allergies (food & skin), they are more common than you think! We'll also set you up for obedience training, either by yourself, with a local trainer, or an online course. Obedience training is important and now that your puppy is fully vaccinated, they're ready to venture out to puppy kindergarten.
WEEKS 13-15:
Lastly, we'll end the program by teaching you how to travel (car & air) with your dog, how to ensure they are thriving if you can't bring them with you, and making sure you know what to expect for the next few months. By now, you'll be a pet parenting expert ready to tackle it all!

Meet our 🐶 trainer!

Nicole Ribeiro, MBM, ADT-IAABC
Nicole began her training career more than 15 years ago with the United States Navy as a Military Police Dog Handler/Trainer. She now helps pet parents develop a loving and enriching bond with their pets through positive reinforcement and holistic treatment methods. Nicole is also a mentor trainer for CATCH Academy, tester for AKC CGC testing program, and dog mom to Charlie.


How long is the program? Is there a minimum commitment required to join?

Our structured program runs for 15 weeks. There is no minimum requirement to join. We bill on a monthly basis, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Are there any additional fees on top of the $5/week?

No additional fees. We only have one membership option so once you're signed up, you'll have access to everything we offer.

What will this program help me with?

You can think of us as your personal puppy parenting coach. There's a lot to navigate and knowing what to do and when to do it is overwhelming. We'll coach you through those first 15 weeks with your puppy so you don't miss anything. While each program is customized, you can see a typical program overview here.

Is the program virtual?

Yes, the full program is virtual.

I signed up and don't see content on my dashboard. Why?

When you sign up for the program, you're signing up for a particular start date (the program always begins on a Monday). You'll begin to see content populate on your dashboard on your start date. Throughout the program we'll send you an email when there is something new on your dashboard to keep you updated.

How does your referral program work?

For every pet parent that you refer and signs up to our program, you and your referral will receive a free month (a combined $40 value)!