Our mission is to simplify pet parenthood. We're pet parents ourselves and we know how important it is to have reliable information and ongoing support from professionals when you're raising a puppy. In this program, we strive to give you the information you'll need for your puppy's first year and connect you with professionals that can meet your needs. Lastly, we know everyone's pet parent journey is unique so we created our concierge service to make sure we're catering to each pet parent's needs. Ask us any question you need help with - we're ready to tackle it with you.

You should think of your dashboard as your home base. This is where all the information and features available to you live. Highlights:

1. My Account: By clicking my account, you'll be able to easily access your billing and profile information. You can make changes directly to this information from your account.

2. Boston Guide: Under the Boston guide you'll find information on dog parks, patios, beaches and breweries in the Greater Boston Area for you to experience with your pup. We're always on the lookout for additional locations, so please let us know if you visited one that's not on this list! A location's pet friendly policy can be subject to change so we love getting feedback from our users.

3. Find a Provider: If you're looking for a pet care provider, let us help. We've built a database with pet specific attributes to make your search easier. Rather than searching only by price and location and then having to call all those places, we can take care of it for you at no additional cost. Just schedule a meeting with us by clicking on the link and we'll get you set up.

4. Ask the Concierge: This is for all questions you may have! We'd love to hear your questions and what you and your pup are dealing with so don't be shy about reaching out. We can tackle anything together!

5. Each week's content will be linked out from this main schedule on your dashboard. You can expand and collapse each week as you go through the program.

Note: You must be logged in to view any content or engage with features!